What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is the treatment of disease, injury or deformity by physical methods to restore movement, wellness and function. Here at Midleton Physiotherapy Clinic, we use a variety of approaches to treat your condition with an emphasis on a ‘hands-on’ approach. In many cases, a combination of treatment techniques is used to achieve the best results. Midleton-Physiotherapy-Clinic

We will only know which treatment techniques are suitable for you following a thorough assessment and these modalities will be explained to you at the time of treatment.

These treatments include Joint mobilisation and manipulation, Soft tissue mobilisation, Trigger point release and traction… to name but a few.

Not all conditions are treated in the same way, just as no two people are treated in the same way and that is why treatment is individually tailored to the person and not just the condition. As part of your ongoing care during the course of your treatment, we may prescribe some home exercises for you to do.

You may also be given advice regarding the use of devices to help with your recovery, for example; orthopaedic pillows or back supports and these can be given to you on a ‘trail’ basis from us here at the clinic if we believe it is appropriate. We also may use ‘tape’ to help maintain joint position and facilitate muscle activity but as mentioned not all conditions or people are the same, so your programme will be customised to suit your needs.

Online Home Exercise Programme

If we prescribe some home exercises to continue your treatment at home, we will give you complimentary access to an online home exercise programme. This programme is in high-definition video format, so you can view demonstrations online of each of your prescribed exercises, to ensure you are doing your exercises correctly. The exercises will be chosen by us for your specific injury and the programme can be modified and progressed as your condition improves.


Complimentary Additional Service To Take Extra Care Of You

This online service is free of charge and can be accessed anytime. You can also print off the exercise notes, depending on your preferred method or download the free app which allows you to view your programme, track your data and measure your performance and recovery. This can be done on your smartphone or mobile device using the free app.