About Orthotics

What are Orthotics?

OrthoticsAn orthotic is a device used to help correct foot posture problems. For example; you may have been diagnosed with ‘Achilles tendonitis’ or ‘Shin splints’ and wonder why these conditions keep recurring. An orthotic device may be useful in these cases in addition to assisting with ongoing foot or ankle pain.

Orthotics are used to help with numerous problems related to lower limb mechanics such as: Plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, Metatarsal pain, Shin splints, Knee pain … to mention a few.

How can we help you?

At the Clinic we will examine your alignment thoroughly to determine if an Orthotic device will be helpful for you. The type and style of orthotic depends on many factors, such as activity type, activity level, footwear and cost. All these factors are taken into consideration and a decision is made on what style is best for you.  Devices can range from “off the shelf” to prescription insoles, carbon- flex or casted devices.