Online Home Exercise Programme & Online Booking

Online Home Exercise Programme

Depending on your injury or recovery protocol, we may prescribe some home exercises for you as part of your physiotherapy or sport-related injury recovery programme.

This will ensure your recovery stays on track between sessions and builds your strength and resistance if required.

We will give you complimentary access to an online home exercise programme.

This programme is in high-definition video format, so you can view a demonstration of each of your prescribed exercises, to ensure you are doing your exercises correctly.

The exercises will be chosen by us for your specific injury and the programme can be modified and progressed as your condition improves.

This online service is free of charge and can be accessed anytime.

You can also print off the exercise notes, depending on your preferred method or download the free app which allows you to view your programme, track your data and measure your performance and recovery, this can be done on your smartphone or mobile device using the free app.


Online Booking 

Midleton Physiotherapy Clinic provides an online booking system that allows both existing and new clients the option of booking appointments online for the service that they wish. Please select the service you require from the selection below. You will get a choice of therapists and time slots available when you click on the service you want to book.